About Pector

Hello, my name is Juan Carlos Rodríguez (pector) and I am a Costa Rican photographer and graphic designer. Although I see myself as someone who likes to produce things, so when I’m not taking photos I’m drawing, programming, or doing something else. I currently live in the “City of Joy” and am on a personal mission to document as many interesting faces as time allows.

This inexplicable fascination for capturing the beauty of the human being comes from different sources. Among them: my innate passion for traveling to remote latitudes; the constant curiosity that drives me to capture the features of interesting human faces; and the years spent in art school. There, I was able to learn the value of intangible culture and the technical and conceptual tools to document it.

If you feel like passing by to say hi, I’m always available through my mail or my social media.




portrait of a Brokpa woman wearing traditional outfit


Aryan woman in the postmodernity, Ladakh 2021

“This portrait was captured in the market of Leh. The woman depicted belongs to the ethnic group of Dard Aryans living in the valleys of Ladakh. These people see themselves as descendants of Alexander the Great. Their eclectic look, mixing traditional attire with touches of modernity, immediately appealed to me.”

In the context of the renown photo competion Sony World Photo Awards, the photo “Brokhpa Woman in the post-modernity” was selected among the best pictures of Latin America.


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people performing ritual at the sunset


Afternoon puja, Kolkata 2019

The art and photography magazine Retro Kolkata along with Kolkata Carnival organized an open exhibition and photography contest in which one of my photos was selected and afterwards awarded with the “Public’s choice award”