Faces of Turkey

The land of the kind people “This gallery showcases a series of portraits captured during my visit to Turkey in 2022. A collection of people of different origins and physical traits that demonstrate the cultural richness of the former Ottoman Empire and the human legacy it left behind”

Faces of India

Across the 4 corners “From the lush tropical forests of Kerala and West Bengal to the dry deserts of Gujarat and Ladakh, India’s wealth is best portrayed by the people who inhabit every corner of this vast land filled with cultures, gods, and languages.”

Kolkata les yeux dans les yeux

Kolkata les Yeux Dans les Yeux “Kolkata Les Yeux dans les Yeux” It is a visual essay conceived and curated by Pector as personal regard within the everyday life of the people living in the state of West Bengal. And overall in the city of Kolkata. Throughout a compendium of 48 images captured in different…